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MeisterSinger is known for their unusual watches. Single-hand watches that don't bother with the fast passing of seconds, but still display the larger picture with great precision, are MeisterSinger's best selling product. The Lunascope, MeisterSinger¡¯s moon phase watch, was released in May. Now, the company has created a second model that features an astronomical theme. The MeisterSinger Astroscope shows weekdays in a way that is unlike any other, and it's related to the various heavenly bodies that have been attributed with the different days since ancient times.

Antiquities The division into seven-day week segments does not follow an astronomical rhythm, but is more mythological in nature.

This method is most likely to have originated in Babylon, where, as many others, Babylonians believed seven was a sacred number and was connected to seven heavenly bodies (i.e., the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn). Like most planets named after Roman gods in Roman mythology, English and German versions of the days of week take their names from Norse mythology. The history of the allocation of days to celestial bodies has seen it endure the test of time.

Rare constellation in 2020 With the exception of Sun, all celestial bodies visible in July 2020 will be there simultaneously.

This formation is stylized by the MeisterSinger Astroscope on its dial. A bright dot appears Monday at 12 o'clock at Moon symbol, and Tuesday at 12 o¡¯clock to the right at Mars symbol. It appears at Mercury's side at 9 o¡¯clock on Wednesday, and Jupiter's right at 3 o¡¯clock on Thursday.

It is just as impressive and as simple to read as the time displayed with one hand. However, because no MeisterSinger watch ever has had such a rich and varied history as the Astroscope it comes with a brochure which explains the historical background and the wandering point of each day. It does not move back and forth. A large weekday disc with many bright dots underneath moves one step further each day, moving in a circular motion, much like it does in the world celestial mechanics.

The Astroscope will initially be available in two versions, but all models have a dark dial that shows the night sky. The numerals are in fine serif typeface. The astronomical symbols can be seen on the dial in either the blue or the luminous "Old Radium" color. The intimated horizon is located above the circular date window, the MeisterSinger logo, and enhances the feeling of looking up to the sky.